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Aidan Alexander Reveals His Biggest Fear at Stream Con - Aidan Alexander
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Aidan Alexander Stream Con Photo

Aidan Alexander Reveals His Biggest Fear at Stream Con

Fans who want to get Aidan Alexander a gift to show their affection should stay away from balloon animals.

Speaking to PEOPLE at Stream Con, the YouTube personality revealed his biggest fear was seeing the end result of bending long balloons into animal form. “I hate balloon animals,” he said. “They squeak. They don’t resemble animals at all.” Suffice to say, balloon animals won’t have a place on Alexander’s new show. He recently shot a pilot that he described as comparable to90210 or Degrassi.

“I just wrapped on a pilot I did which is really, really exciting, and I think a lot of my fans will resonate with the genre of the show it is,” he said. “I would like it so I feel like my fans would like it too.”

As for the types of shows he watches now? “Pretty Little Liars and Teen Mom,” he said, laughing. “I love Teen Mom.


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