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Eagle, Idaho teen making it big in L.A.

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Aidan Alexander was 12-years-old, and going to school in Eagle, Idaho when his class took a trip to L.A. with his acting teacher, Catrine McGregor. A manager signed him right then and there, but what started as an acting opportunity turned into much more.

“I feel like I’ve been in New York over 10 times in the past two months,” said Aidan Alexander, talking from his family’s home in Eagle. He stopped here from California, and on his way to New York. It’s clear that Aidan isn’t living a typical teenage life.

Aidan is a teen actor, but most of his work right now comes from being a social media star.

“My biggest platform is Instagram. Whenever I make any social media appearance, it goes through my manager, which is so weird to say,” says Aidan, who has to be pushed to share about his Hollywood lifestyle.

He spends his time in L.A. making YouTube videos, auditioning, and networking, or even being flown to CNN’s headquarters to help with their social media projects. He’s even working on a Documentary being put together by Anderson Cooper 360, about the effects social media has on teenagers.

I went to CNN in New York, and on their Snapchat story, [recently].  A lot of my friends text me about it, which is hilarious,” said Aidan.

Aidan is making a decent living, enough so that he left Eagle Middle School for more time in Los Angeles.

“It’s definitely a job. I make a lot of money from YouTube, and you have to work for it, and I feel that’s what the people [in Idaho} struggled with most  when I went back and forth, they didn’t really understand what I was doing out there, but I think now they have more of a grasp,” said Aidan.

His impressive social media footprint has resulted in offers to work with brands, charities and media outlets to promote everything from product lines to social awareness.

“When you have an audience, and you have a lot of people looking out for you, it’s definitely good to incorporate things you feel strongly about, so I talk a lot about anti-bullying on my channel, and I’m actually working with Pencils of Promise right now which is a nonprofit organization that helps build schools in 3rd world countries,” said Aidan.

On all of his platforms combined, Aidan says he has over one million followers. He also just shot a new TV pilot. A teen series called: The Bluffs.

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